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General French courses

General French courses aim at helping young and adult learners who wish to start learning or improving French at all levels of the Common European Framework for languages (CEFR).

Format : Private classes or in small groups, virtual or face-to-face lessons

Course duration : packs of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 hours 

(choose between extensive or intensive pace)

Approach : Developing speaking autonomy through a communicative approach and learning methods that focus on interactive speaking performance as well as cross-cultural.

DELF and DALF preparation can be included


Speaking practice

Have you already acquired the basics of French but you are still terrified when talking to French-speaking partners ?

It is high time you registered to our Speaking Practice course which will allow you to take the plunge into speaking through discussions, simulations, role-plays on various news topics and current events. Increase your vocabulary, improve your grammar and pronunciation through authentic speaking tasks.

Levels : A2 to C2

Course duration: 20 hours


French in specific professional & technical situations

Do you wish to learn to communicate in French in specific professional & technical situations ?

Have you already acquired the basics of French but you do not yet master the specific terminology related to your daily work situation ?

On the contrary, maybe you are at ease with the specific terminology but you still struggle to use this vocabulary appropriately into grammatically correct sentences which would allow you to properly convey your expertise as well as you professional credibility with French-speaking partners ?

Our Specific French courses will accompany you into your work context and will allow you to increase your industry-specific terminology while continuing to improve your grammar.

Choose your specific course :

● French for companies

● French for business

● French for administrations and diplomacy

● French for health workers

● French for the tourism, food and hotel industries

● Legal French

● French for the fashion industry

● French for sports

● Preparing for your studies in France

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